2017_3 survey

What will LCM professionals work on in the future? (our survey outcome)


The survey background

Back in September 2017, our curiosity regarding where LCM professionals saw their professional future heading drove us to make a survey to find out what our peers thought about this matter. We decided thus to provide the survey during the LCM conference in Luxemburg, and we got some interesting answers back then. We continued to receive some more replies to our survey during November and with the start of the new year it seemed like the appropriate time to share those results.

Firstly, it is worth saying that as LCM professionals ourselves we think that life cycle management will continue to play an important role as a tool that can enable the development of sustainability strategies and goals and fortify existing sustainable programs. Even though life cycle thinking is a concept that has been already established through life cycle management, we see that recently this concept has taken more strength in bigger contexts such as in the circular economy one. Therefore, we strongly think that LCM would be a solid base for successfully achieving quantifiable sustainable targets, whether it is for businesses or other types of organizations.

The survey results

Regarding the survey, the majority of our respondents currently work as specialists or experts and consider as positive the future opportunities in their current positions. This positive view was mainly based on the fact that there is an increasing focus from government and public towards sustainable policies (exemplified by initiatives as big as the COP and the UN sustainable development goals). Furthermore, some LCM professionals think that LCM will be a strong sustainability service driver that could help companies to integrate in a systematically and efficiently way.

Among the future professional ambitions (for the next 5 to 10 years) from our LCM colleagues there is strong interest in applying LCM knowledge in the field of R&D and there is also interest from fellow professionals to become entrepreneurs and open their own start ups within the field of sustainability!
Regarding the topics in which LCM professionals see themselves working on in the future, we received broad answers. Overall, professionals wish to keep working on the LCM field, but there is great interest to enter in fields such as circular economy, circularity and policies related to LCA.

Surely we saw from the survey that there is a lot of enthusiasm and positive future perspective within the LCM community regarding their professional future. We know that sustainability is an interdisciplinary field and requires the principles of systems thinking, and as such we also saw that LCM professionals aspire to become involved in different interesting fields such as materials intelligence, eco-design and bio based materials, materials scarcity, materials intelligence and biomimicry among others.

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From our side, as previously mentioned, we definitively see a lot of possibilities within the LCM perspective and very much value your input filling-out our survey. If you would still like to give us your opinion about the way you see the future of LCM heading please feel free to contact us. We always like to hear new opinions!