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About Ecomatters

Ecomatters is a European-based sustainability consultancy firm that was founded by Max Sonnen in 2008 in order to support businesses in using sustainability perspectives to provide value for their business models .

Today, Ecomatters offers services based on life cycle thinking (LCT) and focuses on sustainability throughout the value chain. We support organisations in developing their sustainability strategy and setting concrete sustainability goals. Furthermore, we perform quantitative analyses evaluating the social, economic and/or environmental aspects of services and products and assist in the preparation of product claims, (eco) labels and environmental product sheets.

We also provide advice and guidance on chemical legislation, regulations and product registrations. Depending on your needs we take the full project off your hands or parts thereof, such as developing sustainability calculation tools, creating EPDs, performing an LCA study or support you with your REACH questions.

Our Vision...

“We envision a future society that has no negative environmental and social impact. This is achieved by developing economic opportunities that respect the needs of future generations.”

Our Mission...

“Our mission is to help businesses and society recognize opportunities for improving their environmental and social performance while capturing economic opportunities. We’re focused on quantifying sustainability and using this information to develop and incorporate effective business and communication strategies that drive positive change.”

The Ecomatters team offers significant expertise in sustainability topics such as Life Cycle Assessment, circular economy, product classification and eco-labeling, sustainable business models, and we could work as an extended part of your team.

Among our clients are (multinational) chemical and pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of cosmetics and cleaning products, companies that provide water and environmental services, and retailers. Our flexible, pragmatic and problem-oriented approach allows us to offer customised solutions. Within each project, we are committed to achieving tangible results that are comprehensible and useful within the organisation.

Our Team

We use our passion for sustainability to help our clients improve the value of their business and prioritize developing close and long-lasting relationships through our work.



Here at Ecomatters, we love providing sustainability support for our clients and helping them achieve their goals. However, we felt the need to go further in making our own contribution to sustainable development. Therefore, we are leading some of our own initiatives in the fields of circular material flows and carbon neutral transitions. Check them out here:

Flagship eCircular Icon

eCircular FlagShip

The eCircular Flagship program is focused on accelerating the circularity of plastic-based material systems and facilitating the dematerialisation of plastic demand with the vision of a reaching a carbon-neutral material system by 2050.

Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral

The Climate Neutral platform is designed to support SME’s in the retail and hospitality sectors in their transition to achieving carbon neutral business operations.


Looking for a meaningful career or internship experience in sustainability? Keep an eye on our job board for vacancies. If there are no open positions that fit your skills, send us an application describing how you think you can contribute to what we do here at Ecomatters. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team!

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