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How we work

For good cooperation and a great result, we adapt our needs to the customer. The way that works best for you also works best for us.
We have experience with different ways of working, read more about it below.

Specific projects

A lot of our projects come from a specific question: you need an EPD or LCA study and would like us to support on this. We discuss the goal and scope of work, create a project plan and send you an offer. After the acceptance of the offer, we will execute the project and make sure everything is done at a good quality, as agreed and according to the relevant standards and approaches.

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Extended team member

If you need experienced support without an internal hire (permanently or temporary), we are happy to help you working as an extended part of your team. Upon a discussion of expected work load and profile, one of our colleagues would support you on a regular basis with a certain workload for a certain period of time. We are experienced in working within company specific frameworks and according to your internal guidelines, but if needed we can also provide the approached based on our own best practice

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Ad hoc support

For our partners we are ready to provide support in running questions and projects. Do you need a brief overview of the regulations, look up the problems in your databases, or support in a project? We offer you an open-hours contract, we are then ready to answer your questions and demands when they come up, and invoice based on spent hours.

Development partner

Some projects are a big collective effort: from basic research to pilot plant, to whole-industry frameworks development. We often work in (research) consortia where we take care of the life cycle management and the sustainability and regulatory quantification.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our types of engagement, one of our services or something else. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts.

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