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Extended team member

Harnessing sustainability expertise with Extended Team Members

Navigating the complexities of a broad range of sustainability matters demands a unique set of skills. For organisations seeking immediate expert support, without the commitment of a permanent hire, our extended team members stand ready to seamlessly integrate into your operations. Our sustainability consultants can become part of your team to quantify, report, and provide advice on the relevant sustainability matters and frameworks. Especially if your company operates in the chemicals, coatings, plastics and packaging sector, manufacturers products, or supplies the construction sector.

Why you need it

  • Specialised Expertise: Professionally managing sustainability matters requires a unique skill set and deep knowledge of environmental metrics, regulations, and industry standards. Building and maintaining this expertise is an ongoing investment.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Hiring a full-time, in-house sustainability expert can be expensive. Engaging an extended team member allows you to access the necessary skills without the long-term commitment.
  • Flexibility in Workload: The workload associated with sustainability matters may vary. An extended team member can adapt to your organisation’s changing needs, providing support when and where it is most needed.

Problems it solves

  • Resource constraints: Many organisations face resource constraints when it comes to hiring specialised professionals. Extended team members offer a flexible solution to overcome this.
  • Immediate access to expertise: Organising the capacity to tackle sustainability matters internally may not align with the time it takes to hire and onboard a full-time employee. Extended team members provide immediate access to experienced professionals.
  • Mitigating overhead costs: Avoid the overhead costs associated with permanent hires, such as benefits, training, and onboarding expenses or access to specialised software.

The value it offers

  • Tailored support: Receive support from experienced professionals tailored to your organisation’s unique needs and sustainability goals.
  • Deep understanding of the sustainability domain: Our team is well-versed in working within various frameworks, covering aspects around life cycle thinking (LCA, EPD, Product Carbon Footprint, and PEF), company emissions calculations (GHG-framework, OEF), sustainability reporting (CSRD, GRI, and SBTI), and (EU) regulations within the sustainability domain.
  • Efficiency and timeliness: Accelerate the process of quantifying sustainability efforts with immediate access to experts, ensuring timely LCA development or sustainability reporting.
  • Cost savings: Achieve your sustainability goals without breaking the bank, as extended team members offer a cost-effective alternative to permanent hires.

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Illustrated Projects

The range of projects for a diverse set of clients illustrates the experience we have with working as an extended team member.

DECOAT: Exploring debonding solutions to aid recycling
Organisational Carbon Footprint Screening
Insights from the organisational carbon footprint screening for SABA
Regain - End of Waste criteria
End-of-waste assessment report for Regain Services Pty Limited
End of waste system
Analysing the Dutch end-of-waste system
Emission calculation tool
Emission calculation tool to SURF towards understanding impact
AkzoNobel - EPD for paint
Supporting AkzoNobel with EPDs for paint products
Steel plates EPD - Makstill - Case Study
EPD for steel plates produced by Makstil
Salt mining impact
The environmental impact of salt mining by Nobian

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