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As a consultancy in sustainability we work with clients in various industries, particularly in the chemicals & coatings, plastics  & packaging, manufacturing and construction & building industries. Each of the specific industry pages provides detailed information on how we offer our tailored sustainability services, the related projects we’ve done in the past and our news articles related to the specific industry.

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Chemicals & Coatings

Ecomatters has the longest & largest track record in supporting the chemicals & coating industry with calculating company’s carbon emissions, conducting LCA’s studies, making environmental product declarations and supporting with setting sustainability targets and strategies.

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Plastics & Packaging

Plastics & Packaging

We support companies in the plastics & packaging industry in setting sustainability strategies, calculating product carbon emissions and determining the most carbon friendly packaging options for plastics, bio-based and other materials.

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The manufacturing industry is mainly assisted by Ecomatters in calculating company’s carbon emissions, conducting LCA’s studies, making environmental product declarations (EPDs) and supporting with setting sustainability targets and strategies.

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Construction & Building

Construction & Building

We assist companies in the construction & building industry in finding areas for energy efficiency improvement (EED & BREAM-in use based), calculating carbon emissions, setting energy reduction strategies and developing EN 15804 compliant environmental product declarations.

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What our clients say about us

“In the calculation of our Ecofootprint, the support of Ecomatters goes beyond the calculations itself. Discussions about the results and the use of these results in building business cases is an added value.”

Marjan Kamer, Specialist Eco-Efficiency Services, Teijin Aramid

“The regulation of biobased materials is complex and is undergoing rapid changes. Ecomatters has made this field accessible for young and innovative companies. They have given these companies a clear perspective on what actions might be required for their products to enter the market, and of the position they can take in respect to the changing circumstances in this field. We chose Ecomatters due to their expertise, pragmatism and the flexibility of their approach, this has proven to be very beneficial during the project”.

– Guy de Sevaux, Invest-NL

 “Ecomatters conducted an end of waste assessment for Regain HiCAL products. We found working with Ecomatters to be a very satisfying experience. They brought a well-structured approach to the assignment and provided comprehensive analysis of the information provided to them. The resultant End of Waste Evaluation Report is a valuable asset for our enterprise. It was a pleasure to work with such professional and knowledgeable people”.

– Bernie Cooper, President and Managing Director, Regain

“We enjoy working with the service-minded and expert team of Ecomatters supporting us in creating the transparency on the environmental footprint of our products that our customers rely on “

– Job Coenen, Senior Program Manager Sustainability, AkzoNobel

Meet our clients

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