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Construction & Building

At Ecomatters, we have strong experience in supporting the construction & building industry in finding areas for energy efficiency improvement, calculating carbon emissions, setting energy reduction strategies, and developing EN 15804-compliant environmental product declarations.

We support our clients with:

  • Carbon and energy footprint calculations;
  • Perform an energy audit on location, and create an overview of existing energy flows
  • Complete ISO 14025 Type III, ISO 14021, and sector-specific EPDs following EN 15804 standards;
  • Develop a quantified overview of your company’s energy saving potential for a short or long time period
  • Execute certified LCA studies and LCA screening studies according to ISO14040/44;
  • Design and support in corporate sustainability reporting systems, including strategy development and target setting (science based targets)
  • Help you calculate carbon emissions under your direct control (scope 1 emissions) as well as your organisation’s indirect (scope 2 and 3) emissions.

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Illustrated projects

The range of projects for a diverse set of clients illustrates the vast experience we have with working in the construction & building industry.

DECOAT: Exploring debonding solutions to aid recycling
Organisational Carbon Footprint Screening
Insights from the organisational carbon footprint screening for SABA
Regain - End of Waste criteria
End-of-waste assessment report for Regain Services Pty Limited
End of waste system
Analysing the Dutch end-of-waste system
Emission calculation tool
Emission calculation tool to SURF towards understanding impact
AkzoNobel - EPD for paint
Supporting AkzoNobel with EPDs for paint products
Steel plates EPD - Makstill - Case Study
EPD for steel plates produced by Makstil
Salt mining impact
The environmental impact of salt mining by Nobian

Construction & Building

The building industry faces great challenges in the transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy. The built environment requires vast amounts of raw materials and is accountable for significant shares of the total European climate impact and waste. That being said, the building industry is also one of the leading industries in regard to talking about its climate impact. Specifically through industrywide uptake of sustainability assessment frameworks covering both the building and the use phases.

At Ecomatters we have many years of experience with frameworks, such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in compliance with relevant ISO standards and EN15804. We support a broad range of manufacturers that supply the construction sector with our services in this area. Additionally, we provide insights into the energy efficiency of buildings and help companies comply with the European Energy Directive (EED).

Many of our clients are also taking steps to make the construction industry more circular and biobased. We provide effective support in these areas using our extensive knowledge base on biobased building materials and their applications, regulatory compliance, recycling schemes, and material recovery strategies.

Since we already see the effects of climate change today, the building industry holds great potential for realising climate adaptation. Ecomatters can support companies and governmental bodies in determining the impact and effectiveness of climate adaptation measures in buildings and urban areas. This includes but is not limited to, reducing heat stress and water retention and infiltration.

Some of our clients in construction & building

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