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Customer Benefit Model

The Customer Benefit Model

The Customer Benefit Model (CBM) is an Eco-efficiency method developed by Teijin Aramid B.V. and Ecomatters and certified by TÜV Rheinland to identify financial and environmental advantages of Teijin products and materials. This information can support the value proposition of products and significantly enhances their design and marketing strategies.

The model includes an interactive quantification tool to calculate the financial and environmental performance of products throughout the entire value chain. Tools such as this are great for assisting marketing purposes, as different materials and scenarios can be easily tested. Because the tool allows for the adjustment of input parameters, the economic and environmental performance of the products can be easily demonstrated for different scenarios.

The results of the study have supported the environmental product claims of Teijin products for a number of applications so far. This, combined with the value propositions, has been used to effectively communicate these in business-to-business marketing for conveyor belts, tires and pipes, among others.

Customer Benefit Model - Teijin

Conveyor Belts

The Customer Benefit Model was applied to quantify the energy savings of conveyor belts when steel-cord carcasses are replaced by Twaron aramid-fabric alternatives. The model shows that a low environmental impact can go hand-in-hand with a sound business case, in terms of both total cost of ownership and carbon footprint.

The Customer Benefit Model integrated the energy models developed by Teijin Aramid together with Professor Lodewijks (TU Delft). This resulted in a model that reflects real-life operations to quantify the related costs and CO2 savings. The model offers great flexibility by adapting to the specific characteristics of different conveyor belt installations, including design parameters, operational data and latent data (data that is produced unintentionally – a byproduct of other tasks – without any specific purpose or role). This provides mining companies with accurate data to support decision making in relation with their conveyor belt installations.

This Customer Benefit Model has been expanded to develop an online interactive tool to estimate the economic and environmental benefits of using Twaron-reinfored conveyor belts in mining operations. This powerful marketing and sales tool supports the value proposition of Teijin by providing customers with a customised analysis of their operations in just five minutes.


Infographic – Customer Benefit Model

Customer Benefit Model

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