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We like to share news, innovations and developments that influence the perspective of business and the way they can get value from sustainability management. Our most recent news items can be found here.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism - news image

Understanding the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

In an effort to cement itself as a global climate leader, the European Union (EU)…

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DECOAT meeting - group picture

Ecomatters attends DECOAT General Assembly

Last week Ecomatters attended the General Assembly meeting of DECOAT, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project…

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Science based targets

Science Based Targets 101

The reduction of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is key to limiting global temperature increases. In…

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Green Chemistry, New Economy event

Knowledge sharing on End of Waste Status at Green Chemistry, New Economy event

Our colleague Marco Mense gave an introductory presentation at the yearly Green Chemistry, New Economy…

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CSRD preparation

CSRD preparation: Five aspects to consider first

On 21 April 2021, the Commission adopted a proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Currently, EFRAG…

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CLP regulation

CLP regulation connects sustainable waste and chemical management

Hazardous waste and circular economy The EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability[1] aims to better protect…

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Ecodesign sustainable product regulation

EU proposes Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR)

Sustainable growth as advocated in the European Commission’s Green Deal requires decoupling economic growth from…

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Carbon Farming

How the EU is accelerating carbon farming & industrial carbon removals

Atmospheric carbon removal and its key role in the transition towards climate neutrality To achieve…

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Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, are you ready?

To strengthen transparency around sustainability and other non-financial matters, in April 2021 the European Commission…

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Biopolymers within the new EU bio-stimulant and Fertilising products regulation

In this item, we dive into the new Bio-stimulant and Fertilising products regulation (EC) 2019/1009[1]…

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Restriction on intentionally added microplastics

What are microplastics? Microplastics are solid plastic particles composed of polymers and functional additives less…

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Transition to a circular plastic system

Back in 2016, the Dutch cabinet published a circularity program ‘Nederland Circulair in 2050’,  in…

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The new regulations for green investments

The new regulations for green investments

The European Commission is creating the regulatory conditions for the financial markets to mobilise funding…

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Plastics LCA Method

The Plastics LCA method

As environmental impacts of plastics get more and more attention from the public and policy…

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Sustainability Claims

Making correct & grounded sustainability claims

It is becoming more and more common to make sustainability claims, or environmental claims, to…

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IPCC report

What does the new IPCC report mean for your sustainability strategy?

The big news of this summer came a few days ago with the publication of…

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The European Climate Law: Are you environmentally sustainable?

On the 21st of April 2021 the European Commission published the provisional agreement on the…

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Starting a career in sustainability in times of corona

Starting a career in sustainability in times of corona Recently we had the pleasure to…

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Carbon pricing: approaches to implementation

Carbon pricing: approaches to implementation There’s a growing consensus among both governments and businesses on…

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EU Chemical Strategy

The EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability

We are surrounded by chemicals every moment of our lives. They are present in our…

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SAL: dealing with sustainability assessment in research

This year starts for me - Natalia Chebaeva - with good news: I am proud…

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Materiality assessment

The 8 steps for a successful materiality assessment

If you keep sustainability as part of your strategy, it is of vital importance to…

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Reusability and a new tool for reusable product design

Source: Single-use plastics. A Roadmap for Sustainability. UN Environment Programme, 2018

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SCIP database

The new SCIP database

Accelerating the substitution of hazardous chemicals and transition towards a safer circular economy  In a …

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Bio-plastics, Friend or Foe?

The great upswing of bio-plastics Companies are increasingly looking at bio-plastics as the solution to…

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Science-based targets in the chemical sector

Science-based targets in the chemical sector

What are the Science-based targets? Science-based targets (SBT)  have been around for approximately five years…

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EN 15804+A2

What you should know about the new revision of the EN 15804 standard: the EN 15804+A2

EN 15804+A2, the new revision of EN 15804 standard EN 15804 is a standard for…

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Ecomatters at LCM2019

Our perspective on the LCM2019

Back at the beginning of September, Ecomatters attended the ninth edition of the LCM conference,…

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EU Single-use plastic Directive

Understanding the EU Single-use plastic Directive

Background - plastic pollution In Europe, around 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated…

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Klimaatgerust. Ecomatters presents new initiative

The background The Dutch government has set out hard targets to reduce emissions across the…

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EU waste framework Directive

Waste: When does it cease to be waste?

The problem When you throw something away it becomes waste. More specifically, the EU Waste…

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Renewable Energy Directive

Renewable Energy Directive, how is that progressing?

When did it all begin? Back in 2008, the European Commission set up the Renewable…

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DECOAT - LCA data collection

DECOAT prepares for Life Cycle Assessments: Ecomatters leads an LCA data collection workshop

On July 10-11, the EU-funded Project DECOAT, in which Ecomatters is a key partner, held…

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European Energy Directive

2019 – Changes in the Dutch implementation of the European Energy Directive

As mentioned in our previous article, if your company has more the 250 employers, or…

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comparative LCA

What you need to know before starting a comparative LCA

One of the main reasons why companies perform an LCA is intending to make an…

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Future of Plastics

The future of plastics: what lies ahead?

Where are we at with plastics? As have been seen in recent years, there is…

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DECOAT project meeting

Ecomatters joins DECOAT in a new H2020 project

Ecomatters Joins the Consortium in a new H2020 Project Addressing the Recycling of Coated and…

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Sustainability reporting

Should you do sustainability reporting?

With all the struggles, rough edges and ups and downs, sustainability is slowly becoming part…

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Chemical safety

Chemical safety in a circular economy

Currently, most of the products on the market get discarded after their use. They end…

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Changes in the Dutch Environmental Management Act

Dutch Environmental Management Act - Notification of implemented recognized measures If your company uses more…

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COP24 where are we now?

Moving Forward after COP24 What happened in 2015.. Back in 2015, the landmark Paris Agreement…

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Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) - Cartoon

Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

Energy Efficiency Directive At Ecomatters, we regularly get questions regarding article 8 of the EU…

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Black Bear Carbon - Car tyres

A Second Life For Carbon Black

Carbon black is one of those industrial products that few know the name of despite…

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Max presenting at Berlin conference

Ecomatters present at the LCIC2018

The conference In late August 2018 Ecomatters participated in the First Life Cycle Innovation Conference…

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Ecomatters annual retreat at Texel

Ecomatters Annual Retreat: Texel

Back in September, Ecomatters had its annual retreat for 2018, with this year’s destination being…

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OnderhoudNL and VVVF launch Environmental label for painters

We would like to congratulate OnderhoudNL, an entrepreneurial organization of specialist’s real estate maintenance, renovation,…

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Cracking down on plastic waste – Ecomatters joins “eCircular”

Ecomatters is proud to announce its contribution to eCircular, an EIT Climate-KIC programme promoting a…

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Ecomatters part in Food 2020 project successfully finalizes

Project background Ecomatters is happy to announce the successful end of its participation in the…

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The application of blockchain in supply chains

The recent hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has brought a lot of attention to…

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Ecomatters ECO platform EN15804

Ecomatters creates first Dutch ECO Platform EN15804 EPDs

First Eco Platform EPDs published by the Dutch programme operator Ecomatters is very proud to…

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PEF Pilot

Environmental Footprint Pilot (PEF): Status mid 2017

About three and a half years ago the European Commission started their Environmental Footprint (EF) pilot,…

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Profit and loss assessment as key driver for sustained business success

Where traditionally the impact of a company was solely measured in terms of the profit…

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Eco Footprint Tool

Coatings Eco-footprint tool update: Cradle-to-grave assessments for the paint industry

Since the publication of its Sustainability Charter in 2012, CEPE, the European association of the…

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Ecomatters joins Natural Capital Coalition

As of December 2016, Ecomatters is an official member of the Natural Capital Coalition. The Natural…

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AkzoNobel launches 4D Profit and Loss Methodology

In September 2016 AkzoNobel has launched their newly developed 4 Dimensional Profit and Loss (4D…

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Risk Management

Top 5 reasons why companies should implement sustainability

Why are companies implementing sustainability more and more? Some companies just start because they feel…

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Must an SDS always include an exposure scenario?

When you receive a safety data sheet (SDS) for the chemicals you work with, you…

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Downstream users of chemicals: are you aware of your REACH compliance obligations?

That REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation (and restriction) of CHemicals is well known. With…

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“Help, my supplier’s SDSs are of poor quality!”

Are you are a formulator of chemical products, such as paints or detergents? Or do…

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5 things your company should consider after the COP21

On December 11th 2015, most governments around the world agreed to reach net zero greenhouse gas…

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The Product Environmental Footprint: moving towards success or failure?

The Product/Organisation Environmental Footprint (PEF/OEF) project of the European Commission is a hot topic these…

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Strengths-based Ecomatters team

This spring, Ecomatters has become a Strengths-based company. Through focusing on our strengths – identified…

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LCA news image

LCA: Allowing fair comparison?

Environmental claims are often met with criticism from competitors and consumer organisations. This is not…

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