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DEJONG Hot Water Tanks: detailed LCA

DEJONG Hot Water Tanks: enabling better choices

In 2020 Ecomatters finalized a comparative assertion LCA study performed for DEJONG, a Dutch hot water tanks manufacturer.

DEJONG, a leading global producer of stainless steel hot water tanks, has contacted us first a few years back for a smaller scale screening LCA study in order to quantify the impacts of their products and identify improvement opportunities. The study showed among other results that the DEJONG products have significant environmental benefits compared to their enamelled mild steel alternatives. This was an uplifting outcome, and it was taken for further development. Hoping to enable their customers with better choices, DEJONG decided to release a substantiated claim of this better performance. To do so, the company commissioned the detailed LCA for comparative assertion with critical external expert review. We were happy to help DEJONG conducting the study according to the ISO 14040/44:2006 framework and supporting the company in the review process.

The study showed that under the taken assumptions, DEJONG hot water tanks perform better than the main alternative design hot water tank in all considered impact categories. Of particular interest, the carbon footprint of the DEJONG product was found to be less than half of the impact of the alternative product. This came mainly as the result of the DEJONG design that allows significant reduction of the mass of used materials, and elimination of the impactful enamelling process.

Upon the discussion of the results, we prepared the final report which underwent a scrupulous review by a panel of three experts. As the result of the process, in 2020 the LCA study was finalized and has a positive final review statement. The LCA report presents the results to all interested partied and providing DEJONG current and potential customers with knowledge to make better environmental choices.

After a good collaboration with all the involved parties, we are happy that we supported DEJONG in this journey with a practical final result, and were able to contribute into data driven sustainability once again!

“… there is a good result achieved and we hope and expect it will help us in our future business opportunities.” Karel Wilms, Manager Innovation & Engineering of DE JONG

You can read more about the process in the case study, or contact us with any questions about the case or comparative assertion LCA.

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