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Ecomatters joins EU funded LaserWay project

Ecomatters is one of 16 partners contributing to the new Horizon Europe LaserWay project. Working alongside a consortium of industry experts, Ecomatters will play a key role in quantifying the potential environmental benefits of these technological advancements by conducting Life Cycle Assessment studies.

About the European Horizon LaserWay project

The LaserWay project aims to revolutionise the manufacturing industry by replacing conventional inefficient press-stamping methods with highly flexible production lines based on high-speed laser technology. Laser blanking, laser micro-drilling, and extreme high-speed laser material deposition (EHLA) are the three laser manufacturing technologies selected for their potential to create more sustainable manufacturing processes and products.


The project focuses on developing WayFASTER machines to improve the performance of the laser technologies through lightweight designs, vibration control techniques, and program optimisations tailored for high-speed laser applications. WayBETTER Photonics aims to ensure precise delivery of the laser beam at extreme speeds, targeting three laser technologies with unique demands. The WaySTRONGER integration concept aims to enhance the sustainability, resilience, and flexibility of current manufacturing processes by integrating new technologies mechanically and digitally.

The project’s success will provide a competitive edge for industries, such as automotive and aerospace, by reducing processing times, improving material usage, and enhancing end-product quality. The advancements made through the LaserWay project will drive innovation in high-speed laser processing, solidifying Europe’s position as a global leader in advanced manufacturing technologies.

Our role

Ecomatters will work with consortium members to design and implement a Life Cycle Assessment of the newly developed high-speed laser processes. Over the course of three years, Ecomatters will closely collaborate with the experts in the consortium. Ecomatters will focus on the collection of all data required for a high-level screening study. As the project advances, this study will be updated with the newest insights gained by the partners. Ecomatters will then analyse the provided data and interpret the results in order to quantify the environmental impact of the technologies within the LaserWay project.

We look forward to working on this innovative project alongside fellow experts in their fields and are excited to discover more about the potential of these new technologies. Find out more about the LaserWay project or read more about our previous work on European Horizon projects.


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