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Ecomatters presents latest experiences and practice at the LCM Conference

We are happy to announce that we have been invited again to present our work at the LCM Conference, to be held from September 3 to 6 in Luxembourg.  Together with our partners and clients, we will present our latest experiences and practice in the Life Cycle Management and sustainability fields.


We will present our experience and work in the PEF pilot as part of the sustainability strategy of CEPE, the European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists’ Colours Industry. Olympia Dolla, Sustainability Regulatory Affairs Officer at CEPE and Pau Huguet will explain how, through the collaboration within CEPE and the support and commitment of upstream and downstream value chain partners, the paint industry has developed a commonly agreed database aligned with European standards that enables experts and non-experts to use good quality LCI data and implement LCM strategies.

Review of 40 supporting studies

In the Special Session on Product Environmental Footprint, we will present our experience and learnings performing the PEF Supporting study reviews for the European Commission. The overview will include:

  • An introduction to the PEF supporting study template and the requirements for creating a supporting study
  • Our pinion of how the supporting study template could be used as a basis for communication
  • An overview of the learnings from the reviews regarding PEFCRs/OEFSRs and on horizontal issues
  • Recommendations regarding potential improvements to the PEF supporting study template and the PEFCR template

Based on the experience from the Pilot for paints we will also give an overview of other communication vehicles developed in the PEF Pilot phase that could be used to communicate the PEF scores of products and services.  The review of the supporting studies was performed by Ecomatters in collaboration with PRé consultants.

Teijin Aramid

Heidi Beers, Eco-efficiency specialist at Teijin Aramid will present the results of our collaboration in the Case Study Tires. The Teijin Aramid Customer Benefit Model was used to analyze the impact of substituting rayon with Twaron or a Twaron/PET hybrid in car tire reinforcements. The results of the case study show a win-win situation for both tire manufacturers and customers/end users, such as car and fleet owners.

Integration of Life Cycle Management in decision making: a monetisation approach

In this session, we will demonstrate together with Klas Hallberg from AkzoNobel the procedure how to implement monetization of social, environmental & economic aspects of a product Life Cycle in a study focused on the book value chain. In this study, the full book value chain was assessed, from paper production of to customer transport. By measuring our environmental, human, social and financial impact across the whole value chain, as well as attaching an economic value to the positive and negative aspects of each, we were able to identify where to improve. This new insight will enable you to make better business decisions by reducing the negatives and building on the positives.

Additionally we will also participate in a Panel discussion on assessment of externalities and monetization.

LCM 2017 Ecomatters Experiences

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