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Hola Barcelona!

Ecomatters is very happy to announce the opening of our new office in Barcelona. Over the last years, we have established our main office in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from where we will continue to serve our clients, mainly from Western and Northern Europe. With the opening of our Barcelona office, we take now a step forward to reach out to our Southern European neighbours.

From January, our colleague Pau Huguet will represent Ecomatters in Spain. After working for several years in the Netherlands, Pau considered making a big move by returning back home to Barcelona. Since he still shared our dedication to support our customers and be part of Ecomatters, the idea of a new office in Barcelona was born.

Native from Spain, Pau has a good understanding of the regional way of doing business, which he will combine with the business approach of Ecomatters:

“I am very glad to contribute to the expansion of Ecomatters, as well as becoming a part of the Life Cycle Thinking community in Spain and Southern Europe. At Ecomatters, we believe that each company requires specific support, and our new office in Barcelona will enable us to deliver this personal attention.”

Ecomatter’s ambition in Spain

At Ecomatters, we are dedicated to support our current and prospective customers wherever they are, in their language and on the basis of common grounds. The ambition of Ecomatters is to connect companies in Spain with the latest European trends regarding sustainability, and align their needs and requirements with the vision and business practices of their partners in the common market.

“Ecomatters has delivered sustainability and chemical safety services since 2008, supporting our clients to incorporate these aspects into their organisation’s business strategy to deliver value and security. I want to share this insight with Spanish companies and help them to identify their needs, define objectives and create strategies and solutions to bring tangible value to their business. Our multidisciplinary and internationally oriented team in Utrecht will continuously support this mission.”

If you are interested in our services in Southern Europe, or if you would like to know more about Ecomatters’ Spanish office, please contact Pau.

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