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Klimaatgerust. Ecomatters presents new initiative

The background

The Dutch government has set out hard targets to reduce emissions across the Netherlands by 2030. To achieve this, a broad societal change is required. For this bottom-up approach to be successful all Dutch companies need to address their energy usage and reduce their climate impact. However, addressing these ambitions in practice is a struggle. Small and medium-sized companies, active in the retail or hospitality, are directly impacted but struggle to make concrete contributions to deliver on the targets.

Ecomatters started an initiative in 2018, named Klimaatgerust, to support local retailers, hospitality companies and small service providers on this topic. We use our data-driven sustainability expertise to deliver actionable and relevant insight and support to individual entrepreneurs.

What does Klimaatgerust do?

Klimaatgerust has two main activities:

  • Giving out practical information to shop-owners and entrepreneurs about how sustainable their business currently is and which steps they could take to improve energy efficiency and drive down their climate impact. This information is provided through a location-specific climate plan.
  • Awarding climate certificates to businesses that are ahead of the curve, and want to show their customers that they are directly contributing to the societal change.

What is a Climate plan?

The climate plans Klimaatgerust makes are developed by assessing the current situation in the shop, restaurant or office in question. Based on this inventory we calculate the energy & CO₂ saving potential for different (easy-to-implement) measures and give insight into corresponding payback times. The results are then discussed with the business owner to stimulate direct action towards achieving energy savings by retrofitting.

The Climate certificates

Klimaatgerust offers three types of certificates, which correspond with the level of ambition the business wants to set out for themselves:

  1. The Bronze certificate delivers measures that payback soon and deliver substantial energy use reductions.
  2. The Silver certificate makes the business even more energy-efficient, but this also results in longer payback times.
  3. The Gold certificate, by going for Gold, a business needs to have reduced their energy use in such a way that the climate impact of their company now equals zero. In other words, they are a climate-neutral company.

This tiered certification model nudges participating businesses onwards towards a more sustainable future.

Do you want to know more?

During the past year, Klimaatgerust has implemented a number of successful projects to deliver the program to businesses across the Netherlands. If you want to know more about our activities, then check out our website Or follow us on Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook to stay up to date.

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