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We delen graag nieuws, innovaties en ontwikkelingen die van invloed zijn op het perspectief van het bedrijfsleven en de manier waarop ze waarde kunnen halen uit duurzaamheidsbeheer. Onze meest recente nieuwsitems zijn hier te vinden. De nieuwsartikelen zijn alleen beschikbaar in het Engels.

The New Regulations For Green Investments

The new regulations for green investments

The European Commission is creating the regulatory conditions for the financial markets to mobilise funding…

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Plastics LCA Method

The Plastics LCA method

As environmental impacts of plastics get more and more attention from the public and policy…

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Sustainability Claims

Making correct & grounded sustainability claims

It is becoming more and more common to make sustainability claims, or environmental claims, to…

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IPCC Report

What does the new IPCC report mean for your sustainability strategy?

The big news of this summer came a few days ago with the publication of…

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The European Climate Law: Are you environmentally sustainable?

On the 21st of April 2021 the European Commission published the provisional agreement on the…

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Starting a career in sustainability in times of corona

Starting a career in sustainability in times of corona Recently we had the pleasure to…

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Carbon pricing: approaches to implementation

Carbon pricing: approaches to implementation There’s a growing consensus among both governments and businesses on…

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DEJONG Hot Water Tanks: detailed LCA

DEJONG Hot Water Tanks: enabling better choices In 2020 Ecomatters finalized a comparative assertion LCA…

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EU Chemical Strategy

The EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability

We are surrounded by chemicals every moment of our lives. They are present in our…

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SAL: dealing with sustainability assessment in research

This year starts for me - Natalia Chebaeva - with good news: I am proud…

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Materiality Assessment

The 8 steps for a successful materiality assessment

If you keep sustainability as part of your strategy, it is of vital importance to…

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Reusability and a new tool for reusable product design

Source: Single-use plastics. A Roadmap for Sustainability. UN Environment Programme, 2018

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SCIP Database

The new SCIP database

Accelerating the substitution of hazardous chemicals and transition towards a safer circular economy  In a …

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Bio-plastics, Friend or Foe?

The great upswing of bio-plastics Companies are increasingly looking at bio-plastics as the solution to…

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Science-based Targets In The Chemical Sector

Science-based targets in the chemical sector

What are the Science-based targets? Science-based targets (SBT)  have been around for approximately five years…

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The EN15804+A2

What you should know about the new revision of the EN 15804 standard: the EN 15804+A2

EN 15804+A2, the new revision of EN 15804 standard EN 15804 is a standard for…

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Ecomatters At LCM2019

Our perspective on the LCM2019

Back at the beginning of September, Ecomatters attended the ninth edition of the LCM conference,…

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EU Single-use Plastic Directive

Understanding the EU Single-use plastic Directive

Background - plastic pollution In Europe, around 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated…

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Klimaatgerust. Ecomatters presents new initiative

The background The Dutch government has set out hard targets to reduce emissions across the…

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Waste: When does it cease to be waste?

The problem When you throw something away it becomes waste. More specifically, the EU Waste…

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