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Sensitivity analysis plant uptake model Veolia

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Veolia Environnement (http://www NULL.veolia, world leader in the environmental services sector, offers customized solutions in the complementary business areas water management, waste management and energy management. For the assessment of the fate of organic substances and metallic ions in an agricultural ecosystem, Veolia Environnement employs a dynamic plant uptake model, developed by the Denmark Technical University (DTU). Applying integrated equations that describe the transfer, dispersion, degradation and water flow in and between the different environmental compartments, this model predicts the partitioning of a given substance over the different compartments of the agricultural ecosystem over time as a function of ~100 input parameters (e.g. physicochemical characteristics of the substance, soil and cropping system).

In order to identify the key parameters and their influence on the outputs, Ecomatters has performed a sensitivity analysis of the mathematical plant uptake model. Using a methodology based on Monte Carlo simulations and random sampling procedures, we performed multiple experiments including over 10.000 iterations. With this work, we assisted in producing predictions that have little (input) uncertainty, enabling Veolia Environnement to rely on the model for use in, for instance, the context of regulatory frameworks.