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LCA Screening – Sustainable repair foundation

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Ecomatters has performed an LCA screening, demonstrating the sustainability benefits of several automotive repairs performed in accordance to the set of requirements of the Sustainable Repair Foundation (Stichting Duurzaam Repareren) (http://www NULL.duurzaamrepareren

The project

The Sustainable Repair Foundation is a non-profit organisation which certifies sustainable businesses in the automotive industry, such as tire companies, garages, bodyshops and glass repairers. The organisation is unique in that it that it relies on a sustainability Product Market Combination; rather than the foundation itself, its customers, that is, leasing companies, fleet owners and the ANWB (Dutch organisation for traffic and tourism) on behalf of the private car owner set the criteria that the repair companies have to meet.

Aiming for the greenest, economically viable solutions, Stichting Duurzaam Repareren approached Ecomatters to quantify the environmental benefits of sustainable repair processes as compared to ‘business as usual’. Ecomatters has thus performed an LCA screening, evaluating the entire value chain according to several scenarios, including tire pressure adjustment, UV and IR lacquering and drying as compared to the use of a spray booth, modern repair methods such as UZS versus traditional methods and bumper repair versus replacement. The study report (in Dutch) can be downloaded here (http://www NULL.duurzaamrepareren