PEF OEF meeting

Meeting PEF/OEF in Dutch context

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In collaboration with Blonk consultants, PRé consultants and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Ecomatters organised the first PEF/OEF meeting in Dutch context in the end of 2014. This meeting provided an opportunity for the government, businesses and organisations to share their experiences with the Product Environmental Footprint and the Organisation Environmental Footprint (PEF/OEF). The participants identified questions, opportunities and threats of PEF/OEF, which have subsequently been discussed by experts.

It is of utmost importance that companies are aware of PEF and OEF and participate as much as possible in the formulation of the PEFCR and OEFSR in the pilot projects that are going on now. Regularly catching up with NL participants in the pilots is meaningful and is supported by the Ministry.

– Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

The project

The meeting consisted of two sessions. In the first session, the presentations of Blonk consultants and the Ministry were shown, to inform participants on the latest developments and the approach of the Dutch government. Next, all the identified opportunities, questions and threats were collected from the participants. These were discussed by Jasper Scholten, Mark Goedkoop and Max Sonnen, who are closely involved in PEF/OEF developments. Topics that were discussed include:

  • The difference in B2B and B2C communication, the developments outside of Europe and the feasibility and usefulness of PEF/OEF
  • Opportunities for PEF/OEF concerning communication with consumers, harmonisation, standardisation, uniformity and comparability, as well as other value creation
  • Threats like reinventing the wheel, the availability of reliable information, methodological issues, different (political) interests and (un)foreseen effects

The feedback from the participants was very positive. The day itself was perceived as very useful, the knowledge level of the attendees high. Participants were very pleased to hear from those involved in the process how other pilot projects are doing and to discover similarities and differences therein. The group has stated that it would be nice to hold such meetings regularly. For more information about the meeting, you can read the full report and the evaluation (http://www NULL.ecomatters NULL.pdf) (in Dutch). For more information in English, do not hesitate to contact us.