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A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can identify the environmental impact (in CO2 emissions, water, land use etc.) of a product or organization throughout its life cycle. LCA results can be used to understand the hotspots of your product in the value chain and to drive sustainability improvements. It is also used for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), providing environmental performance information to clients.

Furthermore, an LCA can be used to compare the environmental performance of your product in comparison to competing products. Get in touch and see how an LCA can help improve the effectiveness of your product or business.

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Climate & Energy

Climate & Circularity

It is becoming increasingly important to monitor, manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and connected energy use. Measuring your carbon footprint is an advantageous way to start reviewing the overall impact your product or organisation has on the environment and society, and developing an emission reduction strategy or even becoming carbon neutral as an organisation.

Whether you are looking to calculate your carbon footprint, understand your energy use, develop a carbon strategy, or understand where to start for your organization, Ecomatters can support you.

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Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

Businesses all over the world are paying more attention to reporting on their sustainability performance, specifially regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Long term investors such as pension funds and increasingly consumers are interested in ESG performance of a company.  An important indicator of sustainability is a company’s climate change impact, or carbon footprint.

By measuring and reporting your carbon footprint, you can begin to put in place emissions management initiatives to reduce emissions in the future. Our strategic advice, target-setting and reporting services ensure that sustainability objectives are met and clearly communicate to stakeholders.

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REACH icon

Compliance & Legislation

Ecomatters has a history in regulatory chemical safety. We support companies in understanding and complying with the relevant chemical, waste and recycling legislation, including REACH compliance, and in screening and evaluating your food contact materials specified for its intended use.

It is critical to comply with these regulations in order to guarantee safe use of chemicals for humans and the environment. In addition, we are able to support you on legislation related to waste, recycling, bio-plastics, chemical circular economy, and labelling. Get in touch and see how we can support you to determine what waste & recycling legislation means for your business.

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