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Chemical compliance

REACH Compliance

With more than tens of thousands of chemicals already on the market and the yearly introduction of hundreds of new formulas, manufacturers, importers or downstream users are faced with the daunting task of determining potential risks for human health and the environment, as well as cataloguing, updating and sharing certain information in a registration dossier. Regulations such as REACH support hazard assessment, risk management and provision of appropriate safety information of the chemicals available on the European market. It is critical to comply with these regulations in order to guarantee safe use of chemicals for humans and the environment.

Ecomatters has experience in European chemical compliance and our chemical experts can:

  • Advise on and complete REACH compliance documentation and related activities
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Declarations of Compliance

Declarations of compliance (DOC) require up-stream product composition and formulas, but many companies are hesitant to disclose such information due to intellectual property concerns and supply chain communication gaps. As an expert independent party, Ecomatters can help complete compliance declarations by working with your supply chain to determine all relevant ingredients in your product. We keep formulas confidential for your suppliers, and carefully evaluate which information is to be published in a DOC, getting you the accurate compliance assessment you need. We have particular expertise in conducting food contact material compliance assessments and documentation, and Health Product Declarations.

Our chemical experts are aware of many chemical compliance and safety protocols and can:

  • Identify and advise on food contact and packaging regulations and current compliance polity
  • Serve as a neutral third party to protect the intellectual property of formulas when seeking compliance certifications
  • Complete Health Product Declarations and other related declarations

Sub services

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