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Climate impact reduction

There is increasing regulatory and societal pressure on businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and lower their climate impact. Therefore, moving towards a state of climate neutrality is actively pursued by governments and companies. As a result of this, it is important for businesses to be able to calculate (and disclose) their baseline emissions.

If you are a business looking to calculate your baseline emissions, a good starting point is making a calculation of your carbon footprint. This helps with understanding which emission ‘hot spots’ exist and what can be done to reduce them. With your footprint calculation, you can develop a credible pathway to reduce your emissions. Keep in mind that this will be an ongoing process and that the mitigation of your company’s climate impact will take time. Recalculating your company’s footprint to monitor progress is important as it enables you to account for changing circumstances in your business.

Reducing your emission is helping mitigate the climate impact of your business. However, you should also consider that your business is already exposed to increasing climate-related extreme weather events. Periods of intense heat make your employees less productive and more prone to call in sick, and cloudbursts can lead to localised flooding resulting in water damage, production stops, and logistical issues. Devising effective strategies and measures to deal with these extreme weather effects is called adaptation. Knowing your exposure and understanding what countermeasures are possible, increases your business resilience.

Climate impact reduction support

Ecomatters provides footprint calculation, mitigation, and adaptation support in different capacities. We offer a full range of services for small to large multinational corporations for climate impact reduction. It is our priority to work closely with our clients to go beyond the numbers and make sustainability mean something for your business. We strive to use data-driven insights to increase understanding, suggest action, and enable risk reduction.

We support our clients to:

  • Calculate and analyse the carbon footprint of your products and business
  • Support you with emission hotspot identification in your business
  • Calculate the GHG reduction potential climate impact-reducing measures
  • Develop carbon footprint data collection and calculations tools or guidelines
  • Help you understand your exposure to weather extremes and provide suggestions for adaptation

Climate Services

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