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Emission & Circularity tools

Emission baseline and circularity tools development

Ecomatters regularly develops tools for calculating either Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions or the eco-efficiency of products. Examples include the Teijin Customer Benefit Model or the SURF emission calculation tool. We can help you by building tools suitable for increasing insight, supporting R&D work, and decision-making. It is also possible to develop emission tools for your external communication to customers or other stakeholders. Keep in mind that this will take more effort and some form of external validation would be needed. Doing so limits your exposure to making environmental claims without proper scrutiny.

Historically we have leveraged our experience in life cycle thinking for tool development for our customers. However, our efforts are not limited to GHG or eco-efficiency tools. With circularity becoming more prominent within the sustainability landscape, we have worked on this topic too. Specifically, we addressed the need for a tool for designing reusable products and packaging.

Our expertise in chemical safety and recycling has paved the way for a tool for chemical recycling. The need to tackle the end-of-life of plastics properly results in new plastic recycling companies. The potential for chemical recycling is there, but it also takes a long time to reach the market. We developed a tool that helps chemical recycling start-ups to understand the maturity and risks inherent to their venture. Investors can also use the tool to structure discussions with potential prospects.

Tool development support

Ecomatters develops tools for a range of sustainability needs. We can work from a systems perspective or a product-specific lens. In case you want a tool but don’t know exactly what it should do, we can help you scope out the requirements too.

We support our clients with:

  • Developing tools for emission impact reduction or for furthering circularity aims
  • Designing Excel tools as a proof of concept (for future implementation in websites)
  • Support tool design or help scope requirements

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