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Climate Neutrality

Net Zero Climate Emissions = Climate Neutrality

Climate neutrality is achieved when the net greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions of  an individual or organization are equal to zero. Greenhouse gases include many types of emissions, but are frequently measured in carbon dioxide equivalence for simplicity. GHG emitted to the atmosphere due to human activities are well known to contribute to global climate change.

While the concept of carbon neutrality can be generally applied to individual emissions and localities, it usually refers to business operations and projects. There are two main ways to achieve climate neutrality:

  • Reducing direct emissions by reducing use of fossil fuels and energy consumption in general, making green choices in your supply, implementing on-site energy generation, making energy and material reuse and recycling a priority.
  • Offsetting the emissions by buying so called “carbon credits” from those who work on removing or sequestering emitted carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

It can be difficult to know where to start in order to achieve climate neutrality, and at the same time governmental pressure on this topic is increasing. Therefore, as businesses start to experience both stakeholder and legislative pressure to go climate neutral, specific certification programs are arising to help companies achieve and verify their carbon neutral status. Ecomatters is experienced in this field and offers concrete and practical support around this transition.

Carbon Neutral Certifications

For credibility, these carbon neutral certifications and actions are built upon trustworthy and widespread standards and specifications. These include standards initiated by Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the PAS2060.

The PAS2060 was developed by the British Standards Institution and released in 2010 and includes insights from the government, public and private sectors. PAS 2060 provides the requirements and guides to scoping and calculating carbon footprints, along with the guidelines to achieving, reporting, and claiming carbon neutrality.

Are you ready to become carbon neutral?

Ecomatters works on quantification on environmental impacts, and has experience in carbon footprinting (CF) calculations. We provide support in accordance with different standards, and can also develop customized CF tools. One of the latest project of Ecomatters is helping small and medium enterprises (SME) to develop their own cost effective plan of achieving climate neutrality, together with offering those companies climate neutral certification tailored to SME specifics.

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