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eCircular Flagship

Increasing the circularity of plastics

Tackling the end-of-life application of plastic based products is major challenge. Single-use plastics are already under scrutiny by the European Commission, and certain products will likely be banned for consumer use as a result. However, demand for plastic will not disappear overnight. Ecomatters has joined forces with partners across Europe in the flagship initiative eCircular to explore new ways for increasing circularity in plastics. The advent of new digital technologies offer new opportunities for setting-up novel end-of-life approaches for plastic material flows.


Digital technologies foster the traceability of materials and products and allow for accurate information flows on product and material qualities and availability. This reduces the fragmentation of knowledge and regulation. In addition, market transparency can be improved, search costs reduced, and the effectiveness of processes can be enhanced. Digital transformation can enable a quicker transition towards circularity in plastics and linear value chains can be made circular. For instance, developing blockchain based end-of-life plastic collection schemes or implementing innovative business models to improve plastic material optimization and waste prevention.

The EIT Climate Kic eCircular Flagship

The eCircular Flagship is a multi-year project, which is financed through the European cleantech innovation community EIT Climate-KIC. It brings together a strong network of research, academic, and business partners across Europe. Ecomatters will explore the development of commercially viable circular business propositions based on our many years of experience with calculating data-driven sustainability factors within the chemical and manufacturing industries.

Through this initiative, we will be able to support you with:

  • Circular plastics value chain (re)design and stakeholder alignment
  • Setting-up end-of-live plastic collection schemes using blockchain technology
  • Exploring new circular business models and logistics optimization strategies

Looking for partners...

eCircular is looking for partners interested in helping create shared targets and priorities, and developing commitment mechanisms and awareness for business, academia and politicians within plastic material flows. Together, we will explore, foster, and evaluate instruments to improve waste prevention in the plastic life cycles and circularity itself.

Whether you are a business, a public authority, development agency, trade association or from an academic or circular economy oriented NGO, we would look forward to working with you on innovative solutions for plastic use optimization, implementation of digital technologies and circular business models. For more information, or if you are interested in joining us in the eCircular Flagship, please contact Eelco or Pau.

Contact us

Pau Huguet Ferran

Sustainability Lead Spain

Eelco van IJken

Senior Consultant

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