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Health Product Declaration (HPD)

What is a Health Product Declaration (HPD)?

A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a document manufacturers use to disclose product ingredients and any health hazards that relate to these ingredients. The HPD is in accordance with the directions of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative, and is a valuable addition to lifecycle-based reports such as LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

An HPD is developed by screening individual chemical substances against the Priority Hazard Lists and the GreenScreen for Safer ChemicalsĀ®. It does not assess whether using or handling this product will expose individuals to its chemical substances or any health risk. Rather, the HPD simply lists contents of substances in a product based on specific thresholds. Having this detailed health information of a product then serves as a transparency measure for the data. Specifically, this declaration also include the potential hazards.

LEED v4 and Health Product Declarations

HPDs are a part of numerous green building schemes. For example, they factor into LEED v4 scoring, which is a globally recognized green building standard. With increasing attention from consumers for hazard transparency, completing HPDs for your products can make them more effective on the market.

Ecomatters can assist you in creating an HPD for your product. We have a history in chemical safety and are able to identify and classify all ingredients in your product. To avoid IP control issues, we can work directly with your supply chain to obtain all necessary information.

If you are looking for expert support for your product declarations, Ecomatters offers quality service and a friendly team to work with. We hope you get in contact with us!

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