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Single Use Plastics directive

What is the Single Use Plastics Directive?

As a part of the EU Plastic Strategy, European Parliament created a Single Use Plastics directive (SUP) to tackle marine litter coming from single-use plastic products most often found on European beaches, together with fishing gear and oxo-degradable plastics.

In addition to combating plastic marine litter, the Single Use Plastics directive strongly promotes circular approaches that give priority to sustainable and non-toxic re-usable products and re-use systems, aiming to reduce the quantity of waste generated and to assure a circular life-cycle for plastics.

The SUP directive applies to plastic products that are meant to be used only once and disposed of afterward, such as cutlery items, food and beverage containers, plastic bags, packets or wrappers, and many more. The sale and use of single-use plastics should either be reduced or prohibited, depending on the existence of suitable alternatives.

Ecomatters has extensive expertise with the Single Use Plastics directive and its implications for producers. We can help you to ensure full compliance with the regulation and to be prepared for future regulatory developments.

Ecomatters support for Single Use Plastics Directive

We have years of experience with plastics regulation and sustainability assessment. Ecomatters has specific expertise with the Single Use Plastics directive and the implications it has on manufacturers or distributors. We help our clients with:

  • Exposure of your organisation and products to the SUP directive to ensure full regulatory compliance
  • The position of biobased substances and biodegradable plastics within the Single Use Plastics directive
  • Advice on labelling requirements and communication
  • Support in extended producer responsibility measures for article producers

SUP directive services

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