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EPD (EN 15804)

What is an EPD EN 15804?

The EN 15804 is the EPD standard for the sustainability of construction works and services. This standard harmonizes the structure for EPDs in the construction sector, making the information transparent and comparable. First published in 2012, it is formally known as EN 15804+A1 “Sustainability of construction works -Environmental product declarations – Core rules for the product category of construction products”. However, a second version of the standard currently under development that is called EN 15804+A2. As a result, this new version will be more in line with the product environmental footprint (PEF) guideline.

The EN 15804 standard does not have different rules for different construction products and provides several options in methodological choices. It describes the technical performance of a construction product. Therefore, it provides data on a set of indicators for each of the different life cycle stages of the product. In addition, the standard defines different “modules” across the entire life-cycle. This protocol, therefore, provides a pathway for developing a type III  declarations intended to assess the sustainability of construction works.

Overall, the EN 15804 standard provides the structure for making three different types of EPDs:

  1. Cradle-to-gate: includes the raw materials supply stage to the manufacturing stage of the construction product.
  2. Cradle-to-gate with options: includes the raw materials supply stage, through transport and manufacturing of the construction product, and other selected life cycle stages (e.g. product use, product maintenance, refurbishment, waste processing, etc.
  3. Cradle-to-grave: includes all the life-cycle stages from raw materials supply stage to the disposal of the construction product.

Related Standards

Since the EN 15804 EPD is an EPD type III ( ISO 14025), stringent requirements for publication apply. Therefore, this type of EPD requires a verification process and is subject to the administration of a program operator.

Within the ISO standards, the analogous standard for core rules in sustainability in construction works is the ISO 21930. This is the standard for “Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works, or the core rules for environmental product declarations of construction products and services”. This standard had a recent update in July of 2017 making it more in line with the EN 15804. As a result, it provides more specifications for making EPD of average products. Furthermore, it is more detailed in LCA and metrics than its predecessor. It is likely that, because this ISO 21930 standard is strongly similar to the EN 15804, there will be better cross-recognition between North American and European LCAs.

Ecomatters EPD Support

If you looking for support in obtaining EPDs that follow the standards of the ISO 14025 and EN 15804, Ecomatters can help. Our team is very familiar with the relevant standards for many categories of products on the market. We are experts in completing the required LCAs and delivering reviewed and certified EPDs in accordance with EN 15804 or other standards.

In addition, our partner relationships ensure the LCA is correctly verified and effectively published on the appropriate EPD platforms. In the Netherlands, the specific EPDs are collected in the “Nationale Milieu Database”. We are able to support you in creating the relevant content for this and other platforms.

If you already have experience and want specific support, our flexible team is familiar with both GaBi and SimaPro LCA modeling software and is ready to help your organization where you need it most. Get in contact with us for more information.

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