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EPD Systems

EPD System Program

As mentioned in the EPD page, in order to produce an EPD type III, a program operator is necessary. A program operator can be a company or a group of companies, industrial sector or trade association, public authorities or agencies, or an independent scientific body or other organization. They are responsible for verifying the EPD and managing the platform (e.g. ECO Platform) on which it is published.

The  EPD system program operator is an independent agency whose role is to conduct, administer, and supervise the development of a type III EPD. Therefore, it is responsible for the development and/or identification of existing product category rules needed for an EPD. Usually, each country has its own program operator(s) and thus their own EPD system. Some of the European EPD systems and their country of origin are:


  • Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) Germany
  • Inies FDES France
  • EPD Danmark from Denmark
  • EPD Norge Norway
  • International EPD® System Sweden
  • BRE United Kingdom.
  • Global EPD Spain
  • ITB-EPD Poland
  • Bau EPD Austria
  • DAP construccion Spain
  • EPD Italy Italy
  • DAPHabitat Portugal
  • ZAG EPD Slovenia
  • EPD Ireland Ireland
  • MRPI the Netherlands
  • PEP Eco passport

The ECO Platform

With the purpose of harmonization for verification of environmental information (EPDs type III) in the construction sector, the ECO Platform was developed. This EPD system is valid across Europe for this sector. This platform is an international Non-Profit Association whose main goal is to act as an umbrella organization for EPD Programme Operators in Europe that harmonizes European EPD Programs. Currently, the more important program operators in Europe support the ECO platform. The ECO Platform issues ECO Platform EPDs (ECO EPDs). An ECO EPD allows for recognition across Europe and can be used not only in the European market but also in international markets.

Ecomatters EPD support

Ecomatters has a solid relationship with many program operators in Europe. We have specific expertise with the ECO Platform and are here to support you in completing the EPDs you need. Our flexible team can provide support in completing the necessary LCA, can even take over the entire EPD process from beginning to end. Get in contact with us for more information.

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