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LCA Tools & Database

Why build an LCA tool?

Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for businesses with many products can be a large undertaking. Thankfully, the use of specially developed LCA tools greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of calculating the impact of each product. With your own LCA tool, you can easily increase your understanding of the impact of your product range. This gives you access to information for making decisions for R&D purposes and other internal needs. Such as what materials or processes contribute most to your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission profile.

LCA Calculation Tools

Many companies or large organizations have many products and many locations. In order to assess the product or organizational impact, it can be quite a task to conduct the same analysis for each factor. This is where a tool and well-designed database of reliable background data can be extremely valuable.

Basically, properly developed tools, such as for measuring emissions, allow companies and organizations to easily calculate the environmental footprint of their product or service. To do this, a database is first developed containing all of the background information on a product or value chain.  Then, a user-friendly interface allows the user to input data efficiently, play around with variables, and generate results in a matter of seconds.

This way, whether you are calculating the carbon footprint of existing products, or checking out how different activities or raw materials affect impact, a tool helps generate results quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Check out a case study of the Eco Footprint Tool we developed.

How Ecomatters can support you

At Ecomatters, we are skilled in developing user-friendly and interactive calculation models and communication tools. We focus on your needs and make sure these tools are understandable and customized to your purpose and objectives. We can make these tools to standardize life-cycle calculations, model system variations, or support sales and marketing with interactive models. Furthermore, we ensure the responsible use of your model by testing its reliability and sensitivity by means of model analysis.

We make it a priority to create custom models, tools, and databases that best adjusts to your specific requirements. If you are looking for an expert partner as well as a friendly and adaptable team to work with to develop your communication interface or database, we hope you get in contact with us!

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