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Chemical Recycling Tool
  • Introduction
  • General Information
  • Category 1: Feedstock
  • Category 2: Process & Logistics
  • Category 3: Product Output
  • Category 4: Environmental Scan

Chemical Recycling Tool

By clicking 'I Agree' I give consent to Ecomatters B.V. to save and use the data inputted in this tool for the purpose of conducting this quick scan assessment.

Disclaimer: the quickscan assessment presented by this tool uses a framework developed by Ecomatters B.V., which is created with the utmost care and consideration. The results, based on data provided by the user comes without any form of warranty and/ or claim to correctness. The quickscan assessment should not be interpreted as an advice from Ecomatters B.V. and no rights can be derived from information contained in the assessment. Ecomatters B.V. does not accept any liability for the correctness and completeness of the information and content and the direct or indirect consequences of acting or failing to act on it.

Data provided by filling out the input forms is saved to enable the technical functionalities of conducting this digital quickscan assessment. The user gives consent to Ecomatters B.V. to save and use the provided data for this purpose.

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