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Knowledge sharing on End of Waste Status at Green Chemistry, New Economy event

Our colleague Marco Mense gave an introductory presentation at the yearly Green Chemistry, New Economy event where he shared his insights and knowledge on the practical application of End of Waste. Attending companies and stakeholders highlighted their own experiences and a lively knowledge-sharing session ensued.

Ecomatters input on End of Waste

On 11 October 2022, Marco shared insights on the practical aspects of performing an End of Waste assessment. His presentation centered on four main pillars that an End of Waste assessment needs to address:

  1. Know your waste stream
  2. Know your recovery process and your product
  3. Showcase market demand for your product
  4. Showcase safe use for humans and the environment

In addition to this, Marco covered the legal status of the End of Waste ruling and kickstarted the breakout. Afterward, the companies Black Bear Carbon, BioBTX, and Synovatech, had an insightful discussion about their own experiences with End of Waste. The session was further complemented with an introduction to the efforts that the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water management is taking to facilitate the End of Waste process.

Green Chemistry, New Economy event

The breakout was part of the larger event organised by Green Chemistry, New Economy. During the afternoon the transition toward a green chemistry sector was discussed. Perspectives on financing, regulatory aspects, and practical opportunities and barriers were discussed by representatives from InvestNL, the Dutch government, and companies involved in the transition.
This article by Change Inc. gives a detailed report of the day, the subjects that were discussed, and the overall outcome of the Green Chemistry, New Economy event.

The Green Chemistry, New Economy platform helps the chemical industry to become more sustainable and aims for a fully circular chemical industry by 2050. The 150 participants of the event consisted of start-ups, large companies, public authorities, and research organisations.

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Green Chemistry, New Economy event

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