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Case studies

We are always enthusiastic to share what we are working on. On this page, you can find some examples of our most interesting case studies.

Emission calculation tool

Emission calculation tool to SURF towards understanding impact

Understanding the emission associated with IT service provision to educational institutes can be challenging, but…

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AkzoNobel - EPD for paint

Supporting AkzoNobel with EPDs for paint products

AkzoNobel is one of the leading paints and coatings companies in the world and has…

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Steel plates EPD - Makstill - Case Study

EPD for steel plates produced by Makstil

Makstil AD, a North-Macedonian steel producer, approached Ecomatters to create a Type III environmental product…

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Salt mining impact

The environmental impact of salt mining by Nobian

Salt is an important raw material that is used for the production of many essential…

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Climate adaptation

Adopting climate adaptation measures

As the weather gets more extreme we need to adapt to new circumstances. Building resilience…

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Sustainable sanitation - Thetfort

Towards a more sustainable sanitation system with Thetford

Thetford is a leading global supplier of mobile sanitation systems, cooking and refrigeration appliances and…

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Nobian - 1990 Carbon Footprint

Nobian – 1990 Carbon footprint

Nobian is a European leader in the production of essential chemicals mainly based on the…

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Sustainable food packaging

Just Eat Takeaway: Sustainable Food Packaging

As one of the frontrunners in the meal delivery sector, Just Eat Takeaway (JET) aims…

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Environmental & waste disposal legislation

Ecomatters supported Global-C, a manufacturer and provider of inflight products for airlines across the globe,…

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Bioplastics Regulatory Context

Report on bioplastic regulatory context

Bioplastics are promoted as alternatives to fossil-based plastics. However, rightly or wrongly so, most alternatives…

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Customer Benefit Model

The Customer Benefit Model (CBM) is an Eco-efficiency method developed by Teijin Aramid B.V. and…

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Comparative Assertion

DEJONG Hot Water Tanks – LCA Comparative Assertion

DEJONG hot water tanks designs, manufactures, and supplies hot water tanks for domestic use. Quality,…

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eCircular flagship

eCircular Flagship – Circularity of plastics

Tackling the end-of-life application of plastic-based products is a major challenge. Single-use plastics are already…

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Chemical Recycling Tool

Chemical Recycling Tool

As part of a larger project commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management,…

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Capital Accounting - 4D P&L

Capital Accounting: The 4D P&L

Ecomatters supported AkzoNobel in their 4-Dimensional Profit and Loss Accounting (4D P&L) project during 2015…

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Corporate Sustainability Support Ecomatters

Corporate Sustainability Support

Ecomatters has had a cooperative relationship with AkzoNobel Sustainability in providing sustainability support since 2009; it was…

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Environmental Strategy Ecomatters

Environmental Strategy Review

UCB is a global biopharma company focused on severe diseases in two therapeutic areas: central…

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LCA Screening

LCA Screening for the Sustainable Repair Foundation

Ecomatters performed an LCA screening demonstrating the sustainability benefits of "green" automotive repairs. The Sustainable…

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Decorative Paints - PEF Screening

PEF Screening Study: Decorative Paints

Ecomatters performed the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) screening study on decorative paints for CEPE -- the European…

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Eco Footprint Tool

Eco Footprint Tool

Ecomatters developed the Coatings Eco footprint tool which calculates eco footprint of cans of paint. With the use of…

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