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Case studies

We are always enthusiastic to share what we are working on. Here you can find some examples of our most interesting case studies.

eCircular Flagship

Tackling the end-of-life application of plastic based products is major challenge. Single-use plastics are already…

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Chemical Recycling Tool

As part of a larger project commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management,…

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Capital Accounting - 4D P&L

Capital Accounting: The 4D P&L

Ecomatters supported AkzoNobel in their 4-Dimensional Profit and Loss Accounting (4D P&L) project during 2015…

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Corporate Sustainability Support Ecomatters

Corporate Sustainability Support

Ecomatters has had a cooperative relationship with AkzoNobel Sustainability in providing sustainability support since 2009; it was…

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Environmental Strategy Ecomatters

Environmental Strategy Review

UCB is a global biopharma company focused on severe diseases in two therapeutic areas: central nervous…

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LCA Screening

LCA Screening for the Sustainable Auto Repair Foundation

Ecomatters performed an LCA screening demonstrating the sustainability benefits of "green" automotive repairs. The Sustainable…

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Decorative Paints - PEF Screening

PEF Screening: Decorative Paints

Ecomatters performed the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) screening study on decorative paints for CEPE -- the European…

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Customer Benefit Model

Customer Benefit Model for low-weight gas cylinders

Ecomatters performed a Customer Benefit Model as part of an integrated sustainability assessment of Low8…

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Eco Footprint Tool

Eco Footprint Tool

  Ecomatters developed the Coatings Eco footprint tool which calculates eco footprint of cans of paint. With the use…

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