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Choosing between LCA software? Find the right one for you

Making in-house LCAs is a great enabler for guiding sustainable choices in your company. However, knowing which software to choose before starting can be challenging. Each software suite has its own advantages and drawbacks. Getting assistance with your choice of LCA software sets you up for success in the long run.

Selecting the right LCA software is a challenge

LCA software solutions are designed with specific LCA needs in mind. Some suites are tailored toward LCA experts who deal in complex and specialised modelling, whereas others provide a more streamlined LCA approach within tightly defined boundaries. The design philosophy and target audience for the software define what is possible within the suite. This can impact functionality surrounding modelling the system under study, the provided databases and if, or how, a software suite can be connected to other systems.

Your choice of software may lock you into a specific way of working. However, the consequence of your decision is not immediately apparent and can therefore result in unforeseen challenges further down the road. For instance, you might find the complexity of the software to be difficult to master or that the provided databases are not sufficient to meet your needs. Understanding what you want to achieve makes navigating this challenge easier. Additionally, being able to scrutinise the available software options from an experienced perspective is even better. Getting help from an expert can help navigate the potential pitfalls before they occur.

Support with LCA software selection

With over 10 years of experience working independently with various LCA software such as Gabi (Sphera – LCA for experts) and Simapro, Ecomatters can clarify the obstacles that need to be navigated and the benefits that can be reaped. We have no connection with specific software producers so can provide independent insight. We also have a deep understanding of the different modelling conventions, standards, and LCA approaches that inform software choices. Using this experience, we can help you to tackle your LCA software choice dilemma head-on.

Our support in this area can cover:

  • Matching your needs with software functionality by making trade-offs visible
  • Connecting LCA software choice to your overall LCA implementation strategy
  • Integration with ERP-systems and accounting systems
  • Clarifying the financial picture of software acquisition
  • Sense checking or providing a second opinions
  • Developing the strategic vision for your LCA department

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