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Presenting our Eco-design tool at the European Coatings Show

On Monday March 27th the European Coatings Show took place. A week-long event consisting of a two-day conference and a four-day exhibition, the European Coatings Show provides a platform for researchers and industry experts to discuss the latest advancements in coating and paint technology. Here, DECOAT held a session at the conference and ran a booth at the exhibition hall. Ecomatters were in attendance with the project to provide insight into the Eco-design tool currently in development.


DECOAT is an EU Horizon 2020 project focussing on the development of innovative technologies that remove coatings from plastics and textiles to allow for their reuse and recycling. A key consortium member, Ecomatters were invited to present on the Eco-design tool that they are building as part of the project. The Eco-design tool is a simple communication tool that identifies the benefits and drawbacks of the DECOAT solutions, supporting industrial sectors to identify eco-design strategies for new products and helping industrial partners identify business opportunities. The tool will be made of two parts, an easily accessible online tool and a downloadable spreadsheet containing quantitative Eco-design advice.

Our presentation & booth

Our colleague Brienne Wiersema shared insights into the concept of sustainability assessment in research projects that deal with low technology readiness levels and the thought process behind the development of the Eco-design tool. The presentation focussed on the challenges faced by the consortium and the lessons learned during the project.

As well as the presentation, Ecomatters helped man the DECOAT booth in the exhibition hall. Here we had the opportunity to demonstrate some of the outcomes of the DECOAT project and discuss its progress and our role in it with interested industry experts. In addition to the Eco-design tool, Ecomatters is completing a Life Cycle Assessment of the DECOAT debonding technologies to provide insight into the environmental impact of the project.

If you’re interested in learning more about the DECOAT project, you can visit the project website here.

Update: The Eco-design tool is now online!

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DECOAT Coatings show

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DECOAT Coatings show

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