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Ecomatters annual internal conference in Barcelona

Employee engagement

One of the reasons to implement a sustainability strategy within a company is increasing employee engagement. Companies with a higher level of employee engagement present higher rates of success, increase productivity, and improve the quality of their employee’s work and health. At Ecomatters, we lead by example, involving all our team members in strategic decisions and internal project developments to make sure that their work directly relates to the company’s mission.

Internal Conference 2016 – Barcelona

As part of this vision, Ecomatters held its annual internal conference in July. We gathered all our team members in Barcelona for three days to meet, engage and think about sustainability, chemical safety, and ourselves. We shared experiences and lessons learned during the last months, collecting and spreading the outcomes of projects and meetings.

Codorníu Raventós, a sustainable business

Besides internal developments, the conference also included time to enjoy and learn. As part of our experience, we had the great opportunity to visit Codorníu, a centenary winery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. Codorniu is part Codorniu Raventós, the oldest family business in Spain (since 1551). With over 400 years of history thinking about future generations is the core of the company culture. Codorníu is one of the main Cava (sparkling wine) producers in the world, and the holding owns several wineries from the most well-known wine-production regions worldwide.

The visit to the old wineries sunk Ecomatters team into the wine atmosphere. We discovered the cava-making processes, the old methods and the industrial heritage of the company. We visited the old production site, built by the modernist architect Puig i Cadafalch, and we went underground to the old cellars, a cave where millions of cava bottles used to make the fermentation. A final tasting experience let us try and enjoy their famous Cava.

Barcelona Team Picture

Mr. Eduardo Mas, head of Health & Environment of Codorniu Raventós, introduced to the Ecomatters team the sustainability vision of Codorníu Raventós, and presented the sustainability strategy of Raimat, the biggest vineyard of the company. Eduardo has extensive experience in dealing with sustainability issues. The respect for the agricultural heritage, the care for the environment, and the local development are signs of the brand’s strong identity. Raimat works together with nature, combining minimal intervention and innovation practices.

Together with Eduardo, we had an open discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of organic wine production from a sustainability perspective. The trade-offs between organic production and certain environmental burdens such as the carbon footprint of the products were debated and contextualised. We discussed relevant issues such as biodiversity, and the effects of agricultural chemicals to the general and surrounding population from a Risk Assessment perspective. In this line, we shared with Eduardo the latest trends in environmental footprinting, and discussed how methods such as PEF shall incorporate the different aspects of sustainability. The meeting ended with a brainstorming exercise to map the relevant stakeholders that could support or reject the transition to organic and selected agricultures.

The Ecomatters team enjoyed the visit and gained insights about the wine industry and the meaning of sustainability for their business.

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